About Anna

Here to bare my soul, shine my light and form deep connections with you. Thanks for being here. My hope for this space is to create a place for positivity, joy, and growing into our most authentic selves. I value the beauty of energy, love and truth. I am completely in love with letting go of the expectations of society and replacing them with whatever makes your heart happy—however that might look for you. I am intrigued by total mind, body and spirit wellness and utilizing all the tools that we have to become the healthiest version of ourselves. 

I believe everything carries energy and that our physical environments affect our lives and that our energy can affect the physical environment. That’s why I’m passionate about art, design and the energy of spaces and how we interact with those extensions of ourselves. Whether that’s through interior design / feng shui, graphic design & branding, painting, yoga & meditation, or helping others design a life that they love. I also believe that each and every one of us is intuitive. We can all tap into our authentic selves and the knowledge in our hearts, once we clear some of the junk out of the way. 

I get excited about lots of things. But basically I love being creative in many different forms. So this is a lifestyle blog and a creative outlet with a spiritual purpose. This space has evolved over the years, and I hope it continues to evolve with you. I like to share bits and pieces of the insights that come to me so that we can all move towards a life of peace, joy and wellness— one step at a time.